Strip District Neighbors is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting economic development and high quality of life while preserving and enhancing the integrity and character of the Strip District neighborhood.

This mission is achieved through partnerships with businesses, property owners, residents, governmental agencies, and other organizations. As an organization we commit ourselves to this mission every day. Join us in our mission and help us to keep the Strip District growing while preserving its uniqueness and special flavor that truly makes it a regional treasure and a one-of-a-kind neighborhood. 

The Strip District, known nationally and regionally as Pittsburghโ€™s Historic Market District, is a thriving, diverse neighborhood filled with residents, workers, visitors and tourists from across the nation. It is a unique blend of retail & wholesale businesses, urban residences and arts & cultural organizations. It is ethnically diverse and offers shopping, living, working and recreational experiences. The Strip is easily accessible by mass transit which complements the well-maintained streets and bridges. Portal areas are well defined. The Strip is a welcoming, pedestrian-friendly haven for seekers of the old and new. Itโ€™s gritty, but clean and colorful, appearance provides evidence that the people who live, work and play in this area care about this community and have made a personal investment in it. The historical markers that appear on many of the buildings throughout the neighborhood instill a sense of history and respect for the past to all who visit.


We strip for each other.



What we Do



We identify, refine, and represent the diverse interests of Strip District stakeholders. Whether with each other, the City, County, or State, SDN is the collective body with a voice and proverbial "seat at the table."


We review the changing landscape of the neighborhood to insure optimal land usage, compatibility and design congruence for new and existing projects.  (Interested in building in the Strip? Click here.)


We work to insure the safety of all in the Strip District. We tackle any issues involving crime, traffic, pedestrian and bike safety, property crimes, and more. We also work with various government agencies and departments to review issues involving nuisance bars, blighted properties, and or problem properties. 


We actively work to improve commerce activity and the business community by promoting neighborhood businesses and services. We create campaigns to inform visitors and shoppers of our robust retail and wholesalers. 

The Strip District is a fascinating mix in every sense of the word. Itโ€™s by far the most intriguing neighborhood in the country today.
— Mike Lee


We work to create a higher quality neighborhood experience for all by producing public events like food and music festivals, and walking tours, and activating public and private spaces in the neighborhood with seasonal events. 





There is nothing like going to work and having all of the amenities this neighborhood offers from food to produce at your finger tips. There is no place that I would rather work or be than in the Strip.ย 
— Matt Napper

mATT NAPPER, president & board chair

Mr. Napper is AVP/Banking Center Manager at WesBanco Bank and has been part of the Strip District community for over 12 years.

PAMELA Austin, Vice President

Candi Cybator, Secretary

Brooke Murphy, Treasurer


Alyssa Falarski BRADY SMITH Chip Desmone Chris Watts Christie Bengele Jackie Capretto Jenna DiFrancesco Jennifer Yates Kate Tunney Larry Walsh Mark Meyer Megan Stearman Michael Kutzer Robb Wilson Sam Wholey


Alan Siger Andrew Masich Chuck Hammel Don Orkoskey Jeff Kumer Joseph Lagana Sarah Moeller William Perry


Andrea Lavin-Kossis Molly Onufer Emily Gaspich Councilwoman Deb Gross Representative Adam Ravenstahl Senator Wayne FontanA

Board of Advisors

Anna Jasim Ashley Horton Cory Bonnet Dave Regan Dean DeCrease Diana Cannon Janet McCall John Krofchek Kristen Gallo Larry Simms Rennick Remley Sandy Hanberry


We Strip in the open.


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Strip District Neighbors is a member-based, non-profit organization that relies on the support of its members to provide its valuable services.

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Strip District Neighbors is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the mission of promoting economic development and a high quality of life in Pittsburgh's Strip District while preserving the personality, integrity, and character of the Strip. If you are a resident or friend of the Strip District, support the work of Strip District Neighbors with a small donation.






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